Fruit Pokies

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Even for the seasoned pokie player, online free fruit machines pokies games offer a great opportunity to play new games just for fun. has a selection of the most popular fruit pokies in Australia for you to play online for free.

There are always new games coming out onto the market and you will find them first online at So whether you are just playing fruit pokies and fruit pokies machines for fun or you are a regular pokie gamer, provides you with risk-free no downloads and no deposits required fruit pokies to play for fun and for free. maintains the same pokie play standards as popular online pokie gaming sites. Just because is for fun, that doesn’t mean we don’t manage our pokies seriously.

What is Fruit Pokies and Fruit Machines

Fruit machines are considered all variations of pokies in some countries. The term “fruit machines” started in England and can be used to denote all pokies, just like “pokies machines” denotes the meaning to Australians. That being said, Australians are well known for their love of playing a game of chance, especially when it comes to Aristocrat Pokies.

Fruit pokies have grown into a distinct category of pokie games some players swear by. It is important to note, fruit pokies are sometimes called fruit machine pokies in Australia, which generally means the same thing. So what is the difference between fruit machines and pokies in Australia?

Difference between Fruit Machines and Fruit Pokies in Australia

The original term “fruit machines” started in England, when a chewing gum company created pokie machines with fruit markers on the spinning reels. The fruit designs were improved to enhance the popularity of the fruity flavoured chewing gum that the company was promoting. Winners were rewarded with chewing gum at the time. The games were popular and the name for all pokie machines (as Australians only know them by) in the UK stuck.

However, when we talk fruit pokies or fruit machine pokies in Australia, we definitely do not mean all pokie machines – far from that in fact. Fruit pokies are a particular type of pokie and fruit pokies deserve a considerable amount of respect. Fruit pokies are known to have different options compared with other pokie machines. Fruit machine pokies are considered the pokies games, requiring the most skill.

How to play Fruit Pokies

The difference in game or gaming play on fruit machines pokies is defined by a skill factor. This means fruit pokies have options that give pokie players a choice on what to do compared with most games that will just continue to play. That is not to say that many other modern new games have adapted the options or added different options to give player a choice during fun or gaming play.

The first option, called “The Nudge”, is the one where you can select to move the finalised reel spin for another chance even though the results could be worse than you have. “The Hold” is the second option, when the player chooses the number of the reels. Third option, “the Gamble” means that a player can select to gamble what they have already won.

Some versions even allow for this double-up type of gamble to continue more than once. These and other choices a player can make during fruit pokie play, depending on the particular game, are essential to what is required for a pokie game to be considered a fruit pokie in Australia. If you still have doubts that fruit pokies require a certain level of skill and strategy, it is worth noting there are those players who generally win on fruit pokies, and most of them have been playing a particular fruit pokie game for some time.